Physical medium-ship is very rare due to the punishment that your body takes when trying to allow spirits to materialise from their world into our world. This type of medium –ship was more common on the early 20’s although some medium still practises now days still it’s not very common.

Physical medium-ship offers the highest form of proof of life after death whereby those who have passed on are able to re-appear in solid form, exactly as they were when they lived on the earth. This is done with a physical medium, a person that has developed the ability to produce large amounts of ectoplasm from the physical body.

There are many facets to physical medium-ship. These are direct voice, materialisations, apports, transfiguration, psychic smells, raps, people being touched, levitation of the table and other objects. A medium usually goes into trance but this is not always the case. I will give a brief explanation of each below.


When the spirit operators withdraw the etheric energy-matter from the medium's body, it is known as ectoplasm. It is through the use and manipulation of ectoplasm that the physical phenomena occur. Ectoplasm can be created in many different forms, visible and invisible, white and coloured. It’s dependent upon what the Spirit guides wish to do with this incredible substance. 

Once created, the ectoplasm generally emerges from the medium through some bodily orifice (nose or mouth) or through a psychic centre, located near the navel, known as the solar plexus. Ectoplasm can be used to move objects. During a demonstration such as this, the spirit operator might mould the ectoplasm into hardened rods. The ectoplasm is “collected” by spirit helpers and mixed with chemicals on their side to create a refined ectoplasm, which they then use in physical phenomena structures, be it materialisations or table raps and movements.


With transfiguration the face of a spirit person can be seen forming over the mediums face, or other sitters faces. It is best to do this medium-ship in a red light so the ectoplasm can form over the sitters faces without being destroyed. The faces can be very clear at times, with the mediums face completely disappearing.

On other occasions many faces can appear over a mediums face quite rapidly but each one is distinct from each other. Features like beards and moustaches can be clearly seen. Objects like glasses or earrings, smoking pipes or hats. The hair can change shape and size including the body shape, where it can appear large or small. You need to see it to believe it, it is not an optical illusion as people in my circles can see the ectoplasm forming on the faces opposite or their own hands. Fingers can extend and diminish in front of one’s eyes, not just to one person but all individuals. It is very fascinating to see.


Direct voice is another very interesting part of physical medium-ship, where the voice of a spirit speaks to sitters out of mid-air. Most mediums have a speaking trumpet sitting on the floor of a circle or table if one is required. The trumpets used for this type of communication are conical shaped object with holes at both ends. The trumpet is placed in the centre of the circle of people present, when the atmosphere is right for spirit they will sometimes make the trumpet float in the air and make it fly around the room stopping at a person they may want to speak to. More often the trumpet is not really used for communication or amplification, but it makes the psychic phenomena very interesting and helps concentrate the mind. Direct voice and independent voice are basically the same thing, but some people have different ideas about how these work. The voices are created from an artificial voice box formed from ectoplasm again taken from the physical medium. Psychic power needs to be generated from the sitters to help form ectoplasm for the communication so some music is played and a singsong helps bring the power up. Once the power is sufficient it can take a few minutes for a spirit to master the voice box. Once the voices come through it’s as clear and powerful as anyone talking in the room. Men, women, children, of all ages languages and accents can speak. Direct voice medium-ship unfortunately requires complete darkness to function but again it offers direct proof of life after death as questions and answers can be made to the spirit individuals.


Apports occur in a psychic circle where a physical object is materialised by spirit guides, to the group of people sitting in circle.  Usually this involves a physical object that has been dematerialised in one location, transported to another and re-materialised. It has been known for objects to appear to individuals who are not in a circle or have anything to do with medium-ship, or have any contact with psychics. The objects can be almost anything from flowers, books, jewellery and even money usually coins (usually small denomination values, remember financial wealth is not important to spirit), I even heard the story of an umbrella being dropped onto its owner’s lap, which had been left outside of the room.  Apports occur for particular reasons and psychic circle sitters do not usually sit for the purpose of bringing apports through. They just happen during a psychic circle if the spirit has the energy or a particular reason to do so. One strange peculiarity of apports is that they have an extended life if they happen to be a flower for example; there are reports where it lasted for months or up to a year in some cases. Apports are great fun and it makes you wonder if the transporters from Star Trek will be a reality one day.


Levitation is the movement of objects without normal means of support. This can be done by either psychokinetic energy (telekinesis) or by the use of ectoplasm. One of the most amazing examples of levitation was through the medium-ship of D.D. Hume. On over 100 occasions during the 1860's and into the late 1870's he was levitated up to the ceiling and often around the room above the heads of the sitters.

On one occasion he was levitated out the window of a third story room and in through the window of an adjacent room. In a physical circle ectoplasmic rods are created and are used to move objects such as a table. I have seen the table move in many different ways with people lightly touching the table, so light that you can see fingertips gently touching the surface. The rods sometimes form out of the solar plexus and stomach area of my body, but then can be connected to other sitters as well if needs be. Sometimes sitters feel a sharp pain in some areas of the body, normally legs or arms, when these rods are inserted. The medium is the significant source of ectoplasm, but some regular sitters are used as extra energy resources.


A very common phenomenon is table raps or knocks. The sounds of these raps range from soft finger like taps, to large knocks like knuckles on a table. Quite often you would also hear a sound like wood splintering or cracking. On other occasions ectoplasmic rods can cause raps to occur. With all of these raps or knocks, you can establish a code for yes or no answers to questions. I use one rap for “yes” and two raps for “no”.  If is quite an effective form of communication, and if you ask the right question, it can also be very informative. I have even had prophetic questions answered whereby the answer was verified weeks or months later.


If the people in a circle are very harmonious it can create conditions for some wonderful phenomena. One of these is the appearance of spirit lights. Spirit lights come in all intensities and colours.

Common colours are blue, white and red. The colours can be seen as bright spots from time to time, however they can have incredibly intense brightness on rare occasions. The lights are considered to be a representation of a spirits presence and their vibration. The brighter the spirit light usually indicates higher levels of spirit development.