The Incident in Varginha may not be as famous as the Roswell case but it may be one of the most impressive close encounters of the third kind in the last 15 years.


January 13: NORAD notifies CINDACTA, the Brazilian civilian-military air traffic control system, and CINDACTA alerted the ESA Army command in Três Corações City.  

January 20, 1996: A few days before January 20, 1996. A UFO movement is detected by the tracking system of U.S. satellites. It turns out that the focus of the movement is Brazil, South of Minas Gerais. The Brazilian armed forces are alerted.

13 January 1996: one week before the main events in Varginha, the ultra-light pilot, Carlos de Souza from São Paulo, sees an artifact elongated, wingless less than 15 km from the intersection that connects the Fernao Dias highway on the road giving access to Varginha. Pass the object to follow visually, which seemed in trouble, alternating altitude and route, with an opening in its anterior part where a mist came. In the direction of Belo Horizonte, after 10 km Shamrock Varginha, notes that the object disappears behind the hill, at Farm Maiolini.

He takes the dirt road and he suddenly sees at pasture several metallic debris are being collected by identified militaries.
At the site there were two trucks, a helicopter and an Army ambulance.
A large piece of the crashed object, the size of a car is placed on the truck. Thousands of small pieces and debris spread around the pasture.
Carlos de Souza is approached and asked by the military to withdraw the site and "forget what you saw."

When living he stops at a gas station and he is again approached by two men, who advise him not to comment, with anyone, what he saw. This testimony was not confirmed by others, being isolated, after the investigations of Ufologists in farms, ranches and homes in that region.

January 20, 1996: Around one o'clock. Mrs. Oralina Augusta de Freitas looks out the window of the farmhouse owned by Mr. Castillo, situated 10 km from Varginha, on the edge of the highway that connects the city to Fernao Dias.
Mrs Freitas sees that the cattle appear to be disturbed as the entire herd bursts, running shot in the pasture. She notes an UFO artifact elongated shape which released a cloud of black smoke from the "torn" in UFO. She then screams for her husband, Eurico Rodrigues de Freitas, who was sleeping. Eurico also sees the object, which hovered over the grass to a maximum of five meters.

To cover an area of approximately 500 meters, the object takes nearly forty minutes; It disappears after the hill, toward the city.

January 20, 1996, 8:30: Six men from the Fire Department Varginha search for a "beast" seen by some locals, primarily on the basis of a construction in the neighborhood named Jardim Andere. Then the "creature" is spotted moving slowly toward a eucalyptus plantation belonging to Mr. Joseph Gomes, after the railway line in the large meadow at the back of Jardim Andere. 

Actual local where

A construction worker Joseph Henry, witnessed the entire incident from the terrace of a neighboring house to the park and later told investigators that four firefighters trapped the creature with their networks, imprisoned her in a wooden box and then surrendered to the military. After about two hours of searching, Firefighters locate the "being" and pick up a network to capture animals. A truck carrying troops from the School of Sergeants of Arms is also in place. The "creature" is placed in a box, covered with cloth or canvas. The creature produces a very strange sound; kind of buzz. The truck takes off sprinting for the city called Three Hearts and enter the School of Sergeants of Arms.

January 20, 1996, around 13 hours: Mr. "X", who was walking by the end of the region of Jardim Andere and the pastures nearby, sees six men dressed in military training search, automatic rifles and other weapons, just near the eucalyptus grove where he had the first capture.

Running in search of a better point of observation, Mr. "X" hears three rifle shots. Soon after sighting the men climbing up the land prior to the pasture, carrying two bags. In one something was moving.

January 20, 1996, 15:30: Liliane Fatima Silva (16 years old at the time), her sister Valkyrie Aparecida Silva (14) and Katia Andrade Xavier (22), try the shortest path to the Santana district, next to the Jardim Andere.

The 3 girls

As they passed next to a garage in Braz Vieira Benevenuto Street, two blocks up the grass and eucalyptus, surprise stop in front of a "creature" whose skin glows as if greased with oil.

The “being” has big round- red-eyes that looks like they are jumping out of their sockets without pupil or iris!  Crouched beside the wall of the garage, his head slowly back toward the girls.
They do not remember the characteristics of the mouth and nose of that "being."

With purple veins that skipped up to the shoulders, with long, thin arms and big feet, his three stout cranium bulges, giving the impression of horns.

Three girls scream and soar toward home, where they arrive in tears and in panic.

January 20, 1996, 17:30: A hail storm frightens the population.
After the storm two soldiers come to the land where the three girls had seen the strange creature and initiate a searching operation by car; not long after they start searching something with head, trunk and limbs, passes in front of the car and try to hide in the grass.

 The policeman;  Marco Eli Chereze  23 years old runs and grabs the creature's arm, putting it on the backseat of the car and take it to the Regional Hospital.
The unusual movement of police, fire and Army causes hysteria in the Army hospital, where patients are transferred between wards and staff told to shut up.

January 21, 1996 Early morning: The "being" is transferred to the Humanitas Hospital by ambulance, with no fanfare. The Humanitas creature is taken in the following Monday, March 22, around 17:30 hours.

The "creature" is dead. Transport starts with the placement of "being" in a wooden box, covered with plastic sheeting and placed in the bucket of a truck transporting troops, whose back was in the back gate of the hospital. Several civilian and some military vehicles are part of the train. People dressed in white clothes and medical masks are present. The creature gives off an unbearable smell of ammonia.
 The train leaves for the city of Three Hearts and into the School of Sergeants of Arms.
On January 23, 1996 – 5am: The same train leaves to Campinas-SP, with two loads now, the corpse removed from the Humanitas Hospital and a ventilated box containing something alive. After standing in the Preparatory School of Cadets, in Campinas, other military vehicles carry the "material" for the facilities at UNICAMP (Considered to be one of the best Brazilian Universities).
UNICAMP University

During one week a team of researchers and scientists analyzes and cares examinations and tests in the "creatures".
Phatologist- Prof Fortunato Badan Palhares

The well-known Pathologist medical examiner Prof. Fortunato Badan Palhares is one of the doctors involved (Palhares became famous for being involved in a conspiracy carried in the 90’s to kill the political campaign treasurer of Brazilian President Fernando Collor de Mello and a central figure in the corruption scandal that resulted in Collor's 1992 removal from Brazil's presidential office)
Works are carried out in the "material” in a laboratory with modern facilities. No one knows the fate of such "beings" after Campinas. Although an unidentified USA military cargo aeroplane arrived at the School of Sergeants of Arms.

February 7, 1996: Marco Chereze Eli (The cop that grabed the creature by the arm)undergoes surgery to remove a pimple the right armpit. With severe pain and onset of paralysis, is hospitalized and dies eight days later of septic pulmonary thromboembolism, as completion of necropsy. In his blood is detected the presence of 8% unknown culture, cop died of generalized infection victim.

March 1996: Just five weeks after the initial incidents – A  visit to São Paulo and other parts of Brazil of Warren Christopher, then U.S. Secretary of State, and NASA Director Daniel S. Goldin, ostensibly to arrange for a Brazilian astronaut to join a future Space Shuttle flight!

 Robert L. Curbeam Jr - Left first row brazilian astrounaut May 1997 - Discovery mission

I served in the school of Sergeant of Arms in the city of Three Hearts in 1996. I was at home when I received orders to go quickly to the barracks, I was part of the Special Operations Squad and that kind of call it was very common, I was one of first to arrive at the barracks; we embarked on a car, with an effective of 4 soldiers, 3 sergeants, 2 officers and headed for the city of Varginha. Nobody told us what was happening and we did not know where we were going or even the mission!


I was not surprised with the procedure, as it was normal to receive this type of mission unexpectedly as an exercise (in military jargon called "hot boss").
It seemed just another exercise routine, only the presence of a senior officer (a Major), in charge of the operation was a little bit odd.

We arrived in town and we stopped for a while waiting for orders. We received orders to go to a road near a forest in the outskirts of town.
The commanding officer brought us together and said our mission was to "Locate and capture an animal in the woods." I asked if I had to do a "comb" (a search) in the area, and the captain informed us that the "animal" was isolated and that we should not harm the animal in any way.

Were then divided into two groups, one would do to capture and other secure and transport. The action was fast; we entered the forest and surround the animal.


Until then it seemed as a simple mission a fellow soldier came to me and complain "Fuck… call me at home to pick up an animal!?"

As we approached I realized that the “animal” was totally unlike anything I had ever seen in my life. Everyone was frightened by the strangeness of this "animal".

The creature was easily captured as it is not outlined any reaction. At this point we were surprised by a second creature which appeared, and came toward us in a threatening way. One soldier, who was startled safety, fired his rifle and hit the creature.

The odd human appearance made no sense because the creature had no hair; the skin from the one that was alive was extremely clear and a little darker from the one that was dead. The head was a bit disproportionate to the rest of the body and face looked like a newborn child, although the nose is very small and flat; they had no thumb on they hands!

I was in doubt about the sex of the creatures, because although they had no cloths it was not possible to see the genitalia of beings, but the body mass from the one that was dead was much higher than the other, which made ​​us think that the deceased was a male and  the one alive a female.

In the official version he creature was an animal, but some details lead me to believe that being possessed intelligence.

One example of their intelligence was when my companion pointed the gun at the creature and it took a defensive posture, putting it hands up to protecting the face. I also realized that the creature looked suspicious at the sergeant who spoke in a louder tone.

“She” looked at the one that was killed showing some regret, and at some point began to emit a sound that would be speculation to say it was a cry it sounded like a buzz! The most amazing proof of its rationality was when I removed my backpack blanket canopy (a piece of parachute cloth) and cover the other creature dead body. It look of gratitude was totally human.

It's hard to tell what really happened that day. Actually I do not know if that was really a creature from another planet.

The only thing that intrigues me today is the wound of the dead creature. The projectile struck the chest of the creature, and even though the shot was fired from a very small distance the projectile did not be crossed the creature body!

I've seen humans and animals injured by bullets of the same calibre rifle and in all cases, the projectile passes through with ease, even in a much greater distance.

The creature did not bleed, but I think this is because of the ammunition used was the tracer type. A type of ammunition with a small load of white phosphorus, used to signal the direction of the shot, but that cauterizes the wound in cases of shots at close range. The only liquid that flowed in small quantities at the mouth of the creature, do not look much like blood, because it had a very white colour!

Over time other facts make me believe I was in the middle of a conspiracy, because four of the soldiers involved have lower ahead of time, and I never had news of them again.

The others transferred or worse, one of the sergeants involved also disappeared, and his name no longer appears in the records of the Army. I kept in touch with another sergeant, who was transferred the following year. Through him I found out that we all had health problems after the incident in Varginha, strange unknown medical infections.

I and other two sergeants and a junior officer all suffer punishment all in dubious circumstances possibly to discredit the case if we decided to talk about what happened.

I cannot identified myself as still on active duty and therefore need to remain anonymous, but eventually plan to write a book and make some startling revelations, including on the official version. In recent years I have been keeping a number of documents that can prove several facts that I described and some facts that I preferred to hide and reveal later on.

                                                             Soldier X


On the evening of April 21, Terezinha Clepf, her husband and some friends attended a birthday party at a restaurant in Varginha’s zoo. Around nine o'clock, after Mrs. Clepf finished eating, she went outside to sit on the verandah by herself and smoke a cigarette. Several minutes she began to feel uneasy.

“I felt that someone was looking at me,” she said later. The porch was dark but some light was coming from the restaurant. “I turned to my left and saw a strange creature staring at me.”

It was about fifteen feet away and appeared to be four to five feet tall. “I didn’t know what it was, an animal or whatever,”Mrs. Clepf, then sixty seven, said.

 “It was very ugly. It was brown and had a brightness or shininess to the skin. The eyes were big and red and the mouth was just a stroke. He stayed there looking at me.”

She was so terrified she could barely move for several minutes. Then, afraid to make any sudden movement, she slowly got up and walked back inside. She looked back once and the creature was still staring at her. It was several days before she could tell her husband about it.


After that incident was publicized, Leila Cabral, director of the zoo, inform at the time that five animals had mysteriously died at the zoo about a week before Mrs. Clepf’s experience. An anteater, two deer, a blue macaw and a bobcat died suddenly and unexpectedly.

The anteater was healthy and tame. It died because of an“unidentified toxic substance,” Ms. Cabral said. The deer died of “caustic intoxication without apparent cause